1. Cancellation:

You can cancel any lesson for any reason (illness, vacation, school functions etc…) up to 24 hours in advance at no charge. Any notice inside of 24 hours will result in payment for that lesson.

This policy includes sudden illness that is only discovered in the morning of the lesson and things beyond your control. I know that this might seem unfair, but if I start allowing exception to the policies then those exceptions will get over used and I will end up wasting my time and money. 


2.  Payments:

Payments are collected at the beginning of each month. The payment amount will be agreed upon at the time of enrollment. Please make the checks out to me.

3.  Expectations:

I expect all of my students to practice what I assign them. I will never assign them material that is beyond their ability. It might take a little work but they will be able to accomplish what I have asked. One of the first reasons I terminate lessons with a student is lack of practicing. 

4.  Commitment
I expect a certain level of commitment from my students. Each student should be on time to their lesson and continue the lessons throughout the year. Breaks in lessons result in reverse progress along with wasted money and time. Often, I have multiple students vying for the same spot in my schedule, which causes me to turn away students.